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I am Herbert Hernandez an American businessman and entrepreneur owner of the: www.heyanuncialo.com


Early life
Herbert Hernandez was born in San Salvador City, El Salvador. His parents were Arturo Hernández, a construction worker, and his mother, María Elia López a merchant, from whom he inherited his business skills. Herbert was the number six of nine brothers and grew up in the suburb of San Salvador City in a low-income family. Herbert's first step in the business world occurred at age of 10, when he helped his mother to sell fruits, vegetables and meat from door to door. At the age of 13 he already had experience in street sales; poverty forced him to leave school and started working in what he learned from his mother: street sales. Herbert used to go to soccer stadiums, so he could make money while he watched El Salvador Soccer Selection play.

At the age of 14 Herbert realized he needed to comeback to school in order to work in something else than sales and to improve his economic situation. He enrolled himself in Cabinet Maker School, and by 1985 he began to work as a professional cabinetmaker; years later he decides to emigrate to the United States fleeing the aftermath of the civil war that El Salvador suffered for 12 years and dreaming with a better life.

Business career
In 1993 Herbert emigrated to the United States of America, for many years he worked in different cabinet shops. His first job was as a helper on cabinet shop being a professional cabinetmaker; but little by little he demonstrated his skills and knowledge, at the same time he learned a new language and years later he became a high-end cabinet maker.

In 2001, Herbert moved to West Palm Beach, Florida to continue working as a cabinet maker, having two jobs in different companies at the same time, and quickly gained great recognition in the area. Years later with the financial support of a friend he finally created his own company in 2007, called Custom Cabinetry & Beyond Corp. The small company survived the economic crisis suffered by the country in 2009 and worked very hard 7 days a week to run his business, all the work was done by himself without labors. But after working for more than 25 years as a cabinet maker, Herbert thinks that he needs something better than the cabinetry business for his retirement and begins to visualize other options leaving his comfort zone.

However, Herbert persisted in accomplishing his vision and continued working on his idea of making his classified platform; he decided to educate himself on the subject and his first step was to hire his first web designer, he communicated him his vision and later he hired a programmer who talked to him about codes, programming languages, and databases, so after work Herbert started watching videos and online programming tutorials and that's how his adventure in technology began. By 2016, he launches in 20 countries his first classified ads web platform called Heyanuncialo.com to the public.


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